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“Altin Dash” LLC started on October 2014. The reason why our company has been founded is the need for the economical construction materials with high quality in the market of Azerbaijan. The positive attitude towards our products by the construction corporations in a short period of time arises from the increase in the demand for such construction materials.

Concrete wall stones are produced by the Turkish technology and using the local raw material. These products are distinguished by being ecologically friendly, fireproof, light and economical.

Porous concrete stone walls are more stable, durable, resistant to heat and frost and ecologically friendly in comparison with other construction materials. The manufacturing plant of the concrete wall stones is in fully automated operation. A worker intervention to the production process has been minimized to “0” from bringing the raw material to the production area to the outcome of the ready product from the warehouse. Thus, it guarantees the quality of the products.

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Altındash Construction


Altındash Construction

The bigger part of the heat is lost in the external wall. It is possible to prevent it by constructing the walls of the house with “Altin Dash” products. “Altin Dash” construction materials enjoy a perfect isolation thanks to the air in its pores. The hard tightening of the stones by “hollow comb” system prevents the active heat exchange occurring between the internal and external environments. In this case, the houses built with “Altin Dash” stones saves the heat in winter and keeps the nice cooling weather in summer.

It is one of the most important matters of the modern construction to ensure the necessary level of the sound isolation in the room. It is possible to decrease the level of noise inside the buildings by using the multilayer formations. “Altin Dash” stones, however, is distinguished by the high absorption of the sound thanks to its special structure.In most cases, the effective requirements on the sound isolation are met without the extra measures during the use of the construction materials.

One of the main conditions for any construction material is being ecologically friendly. “Altin Dash” stones do not contain the chemical and other toxic gases. Therefore, the walling blocks do not emit the toxic gases and substances. This feature includes it to the ecologically friendly products. The products manufactured by the construction method of stone tightening do not emit the smoke and toxic gas..

“Altin Dash” concrete wall stones are made of the non-flammable and fireproof materials. They are not vulnerable to the impact of the temperature: the structure and form of the material do not change, so, it prevents the fire and smoke from spreading in the building in turn. Thus, the physical characteristics and fire-resistance of “Altin Dash” materials once again prove that they are non-flammable construction materials.

The buildings constructed with the stones of “Altin Dash” LLC do not require the plastering during the renovation. In turn, it exempts the plaster used in the construction from the material and workmanship costs.

The pores and special technology of “Altin Dash” concrete wall stones make them lighter in comparison with other products. Thus, it makes possible to use “Altin Dash” products in the tall buildings.

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